Thursday, May 25, 2006

Looking forward to our Memorial Day weekend trip

We recently found out that Taylor does not have to work this weekend so we decided to take a break from unpacking our apartment and get out of town. We're planning to go to Padre Island National Seashore this Memorial Day weekend and camp on the beach. We've never tried beach camping before, so that should be pretty interesting. We already know that sand and salt is going to be in all of our stuff when we get back, but we're still looking forward to it. We'll try to take lots of photos and we'll post a description of our trip after we get back. Wish us luck.


At November 8, 2006 at 3:53 PM, Blogger Chuck and Pam said...

Bo, thanks for the blog. I found it while researching PINS for a possible trip down there next spring. We RV camp. Did you happen to notice or see any RVs on the beach? Or is the driving too bad on the beach for that?

It reminds me of the outer banks in North Caroling. Please email me a response on this if you can. My email is

Our travel blog is You can see some NC outer banks pictures there too.

Thanks and keep blogin.


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